Building Process

Lot Design

Contact Tru Homes BEFORE you purchase your new home site!  We will help you evaluate a potential home site by providing site survey information which includes:

  • Height restrictions-Will the home site be able to have a two story home?
  • Will the plan fit on the home site?
  • Will there be any additional site cost associated with the proposed home site?

Plan Design

Tru Homes staff will take you step by step through the design process. We work with you and the architect, keeping your budget and vision intact. Whether , your dream home has 1,200 sq ft. or 12,000 sq ft. Tru Homes will guide you through the design process.


  • Sketches of the floor plan are made and molded to fit the lifestyle and functions of the client while optimizing the property features
  • Features are detailed to enhance livability and use
  • Exterior features are created, illustrating the personality and character of the property and owner

Interior Design

Careful considerations are made to assist each owner with selections of the interior trim out of your new home. From flooring to backsplashes to custom shower in closures, professionals are provided to assist you.

Decorator Selection sheets are created for each new home. They provide a detailed guide so that each feature needed is listed. Tru Homes has made agreements with major tile, granite and wood floor distributors. This allows our owners access to a huge selection of flooring and accent choices.


Construction Process


  • Pre-Construction-Meeting with your builder
  • Foundation Pour
  • Framing, roofing, exterior paint
  • Mechanical roughs (heating, A/C, electric, plumbing, phones)
  • Insulation
  • Pre Drywall Orientation-meeting with your builder to walk you through documenting correct locations for lighting, low voltage, etc. prior to sheetrock installation
  • Drywall and Brick/Stone
  • Cabinet installation *At this time a projected closing date can be established
  • Interior trim and paint
  • Countertops and mechanical trims
  • Flooring
  • Tru Homes Quality Inspection- Touch up with customer
  • Sign-off final walk – Meeting with your builder
  • Certificate of Occupancy received- final payment due at this time